Twitter Traffic Strategies – How to Get More Traffic From Twitter

One of the easiest and most productive social media platforms out there for businesses to use is Twitter.

Created as a fun messaging tool that took off instantly, Twitter has attracted everyone from CEO's and celebrities, to politicians and college students.

Obviously, it offers immense potential for businesses both big and small when it comes to helping them increase profits and attract their target audience.


Twitter helps to create a bridge between you and your current or potential customers. It also connects you with other local businesses in the area.

Follow the grocery store across the street or the café a few blocks away. Agree to retweet their messages if they retweet your own.

It's a terrific way for small communities to help each other, and get the word out to consumers in the area about current promotions and sales.

While your company website can help you gain followers, your business twitter account can create long-lasting relationships that have an individualized touch.

Once a consumer follows you, you can tweet with them as much as you want for free.

You can also start up a Quick Promote campaign that is ideal for raising awareness about upcoming sales or events.

An always-on followers' campaign will ensure that your company's twitter account has a consistent flow of brand-new followers.

You can highlight the information about your store by adding the hours of operation, your address, phone number and other details to your Twitter bio.

That will make your company easier to find in a twitter search, and help your customers easily find out when you are open.

Your Twitter account allows you to personalize it many ways, even with a small amount of space.

You can add a large photo of your storefront to your profile, and use your company's logo as your profile picture. Change the storefront image often to show various products or areas of your business.

Uploading videos and high-quality images to your twitter account from your smartphone is an effortless way to keep your audience informed of what's going on with your business.

You could tweet a short video tour of your brand-new location, or do interviews with employees, customers, and clients to gain more exposure.

Keep in mind that even if you don't have many followers yet, you can still get a lot of out of your company's twitter account.

Remember that having a hundred or the right followers who will help you succeed is better than having thousands who will not.

You want to do what you can to attract the right followers so do what you can to gain followers from within your target audience.

The biggest mistake that companies make when using Twitter is that they still view the social medial website as a text-only platform.

Now you can tweet photos and videos on the platform, and it is constantly expanding to make your tweets more important than others.

Tweet with images are known for getting more views, likes and retweets, so be sure to add relevant pics to your tweets for better exposure.

Tease your followers by never giving away too much information. This will help to ensure that they will follow the link to your website or blog, and gain additional information.

If your followers can guess what you are trying to sell them by reading the 40-character tweet, then you need to change up your game to generate curiosity.

You can also ask your followers questions that cause them to want to send in answers, just to get the conversation flowing and help your company gain more interest.

Posting the same material over and over is known to be bad form. Yet, users miss updates easily on Twitter with people following thousands of active accounts.

To make sure that all your tweets are out there, it is best to be repetitive, but change up the text so that you aren't just retweeting yourself.

Add a call to action to your bio. Most people on Twitter will use their bio to list information about themselves. You can use this space to list details about your company or add a link to your website.

You could also hijack your bio to include a short link or call to action to your website's landing page.

This may limit the amount of space that you have to add other content to your bio, however you may use it to direct valuable traffic to your website.

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  • Updated December 6, 2017
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