The Winning Sales Page Formula – [Part 2]

So let’s continue going over the key elements that are needed to write a sales page that converts. We left off on #6...

7. Back your offer up with a rock-solid guarantee!

To get people to buy, you have to remove all risk. By putting your money where your mouth is, you give the buyer enough peace of mind to give your product a chance.

Beam 100% confidence in your offer. The stronger you can make the guarantee, the better.

EXTRA TIP: Research shows that the longer the refund period, the lower the overall refund rate is.


8. Use scarcity, wisely!

Scarcity is a great way to get people off the fence. You can use limited quantities, extra bonuses, dimesale pricing or of course, a timed deadline for a particular low price.

It’s a great way to motivate people, especially those going by fear of loss.

WARNING: Be 100% credible on the offer. If the deadline passes and you’re still honoring the scarcity price, bonuses, etc., count on losing credibility. Don’t risk it!

9. Have a strong call to action!

Tell your buyer exactly what to do. Give them clear instructions and make sure it’s clear that the process is easy and secure.

Some good examples are: 'Register Now!’, ‘Reserve Your Copy Right Now!’, ‘Order Today!’. Be clear and explicit when giving instructions.

Also remember that you can place your call to action in several places on your sales page, not just at the very end.

After a set of testimonials or a case study is a good place.

10. Revisit the pain point with a final warning.

Keep the buyer’s emotions burning during the entire page, until the end. A warning does that. Use a good ‘risk of loss’ strategy that lets the buyer know what they stand to lose if they don’t act.

These are quite effective when used properly.

11. Remember the P.S.!

You will always want to have a postscript at the end of the copy. Research shows that it’s usually the third most read part of the sales page. After the headline and the lead.

Give the reader a quick summary of the value, and benefits of the product.

Then, remind them about the scarcity element. And there you have it. The essential elements that comprise a kick-butt sales page.

Be sure to include these elements in all your sales copy, and split-test different versions.

Bear in mind that a copywriter can always help you improve your sales page once you write it up. So don’t be afraid to tap into a good one if you want to see if you can improve conversions.

Note: Be sure to keep these two mails handy for ready reference when you need to write a sales page.

And don’t forget to check out this proven resource to take your sales copy to the next level!

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  • July 10, 2017
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