The Winning Sales Page Formula – [Part 1]

Today, let’s talk about something with an essential to being successful: Writing a sales page that sells!

Though copywriting is indeed an art, it’s based on a very simple premise…

Most people are motivated to buy on the basis of emotions. They then justify their purchase with logic afterwards.

If you focus your sales page on tapping into emotion, people will be more inclined to buy from you.

The strongest emotions are ‘expectation of gain’ and ‘fear of loss’.

Many argue that fear of loss is the stronger of the two. But it really depends on what you’re selling.

It’s important to build a solid presentation that caters to emotion, while also catering to logic.

With that in mind, here are the essentials:


1. The Headline

The visitor is brought to your page typically due to a promise or curiosity.

You now have to leverage their click into enough attention for them to read your entire presentation.

Use headlines that leverage “How To...” or “Warning:...” to hook your visitor.

(Note: More on this on an upcoming mail!)

2. What’s The Problem?

The headline hopefully got them hooked. Now, clearly state the problem that your product addresses so the visitor can relate.

Focusing on “pain points” is usually effective, but you can find other angles that work too.

3. You Have The Solution!

You’ve spelled out the problem and the pain and inconvenience that it causes.

Now, you can proudly state that you have the solution.

Introduce yourself and your product, then explain to them how it will resolve the issue for the prospect. Just like it already has for you and countless others

This is a good place to stress your authority or expertise in the field, so be sure to toot your horn!

4. What Are The Benefits?

Explain exactly how the prospect will benefit from your product. When covering features, be sure to highlight the benefit of each one as you go along.

People don’t care about features as much as they care about what they actually do for them!

5. Tout Your Testimonials!

Present credible testimonials from satisfied customers to support the product’s benefits you just showcased.

Credibility is KEY. Therefore you should only use real testimonials in the copy.

Bear in mind, most prospects can spot a “canned” testimonial most of the time.

6. What’s The Deal?

This is where your copy makes or breaks the sale.

Present your offer in all its splendor and simplicity. This is where you stress the value, and get the buyer excited to buy.

Structure this part to explain in no uncertain terms that making the purchasing decision is a ‘no-brainer’.

Let’s leave off here for now. We’ll cover the rest in part 2, so look out for it!

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  • June 19, 2017
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