Introduction to Affiliate Marketing…

In recent years, affiliate marketing has rapidly become one of the most popular ways to start and build a profitable online business.

Why? Well, with over $4 billion paid out in commissions just last year alone, it’s easy to understand why.

And yes, those numbers aren’t going anywhere but up.

Another major reason is because affiliate marketing is quite easy to start with.

There’s very little starting capital required, and scaling up is easy.

What’s affiliate marketing exactly?


Simply put, you’re using your site, social media, advertising or subscriber list to send traffic to other sites so people can buy its products or services.

Every referral you send that converts to a buyer earns you a commission.

A major advantage to affiliate marketing is that it can be done part-time. As your experience and revenue grow, you can eventually do it full-time.

In fact, many affiliate marketers are earning a full-time living with affiliate marketing, working part-time hours!

There’s no reason you can’t do it too. It’s just a matter of work, patience and commitment to get to that point.

Here are some basic tips to get started…

Start a blog or niche website

They’re a great platform for building trust and credibility with your audience, while providing links to the offers you want to promote.

Setting up a quality site or blog is an inexpensive proposition, thanks to lowcost web hosting and free platforms like WordPress. You can register a marketable domain for a few bucks a year, and boom… you’re live!

Find the best products and/or services to promote

As an affiliate marketer, your job will be to send qualified traffic to your affiliate offers to get a good percentage of them converted.

It pays to know a niche, and which products are better sellers within that niche.

Focus your energies on what sells. Provide good content around your offers and you’ll find that getting conversions isn’t all that difficult.

Where to find affiliate products or services to promote...

Your best bet is start with the major players:



3. (a huge database of various affiliate and CPA programs)

4. CJ/Conversant (formerly Commission Junction)

Do your research, and find the products that have the highest demand and conversion rates. You can always branch out into other products down the road as your business grows.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll find yourself continuously seeking out and researching more companies and products in your chosen niche.

It’s always a good thing to be one of the first affiliates to promote a new product that takes a certain niche by storm.

Start slow and stay focused, things won’t happen overnight.

Research other blogs and competition sites to get an idea of what’s working and selling in a certain niche.

Remember to focus some energy on building a list, because that’s where the money’s at!

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  • March 7, 2017
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