How To Write Emails That Sell – Part 2

If you remember, we’ve been discussing tips to SELL more effectively with emails. If you missed that email you can cat read it HERE

So without further ado, let’s continue. We left off at #4….

5. Use a good value to sales email ratio.

By giving serious value away to your subscribers, you show them that you are committed to giving more than receiving.

Show your subscribers that you’re the real deal when it comes to delivering on that. Especially with stuff that can help them save time and/or make more money. They will love you for it!


I recommend sending three “value” emails for every one sales-oriented email at minimum. I find this ratio to work pretty well overall.

6. Segment your lists as much as possible.

Segmenting allows you to specify certain products and services to certain subscribers that will be most receptive to them.

You can segment based on behaviors (ex: Do they click every mail you send, or every 3rd or 4th?), demographics, geo-location, age, sex, and even specific subniches.

Whatever criteria helps you better target buyers, is worth segmenting into a separate sub-list!

Then you can send various versions of mails that will be narrower and specific to a particular segment. This should help improve conversions, provided you’re doing it right.

7. Split-test EVERYTHING!

Split-testing subject lines, body texts and calls-to-action can skyrocket your conversion rates. You may go through several versions and combinations of emails before getting to the one that performs best.

If you’re planning on running a funnel or campaign for a longer term in an evergreen niche, then split-testing will dramatically increase your profits over time.

Most autoresponder services provide capability to A/B split-test various email elements, as well as analytics to track everything. Use those tools as much as possible!

8. Vary the lengths of your mails

Research shows that mixing shorter and longer emails in a sequence helps keep subscribers intrigued, and encourages them to click on them more often.

By keeping emails short sometimes, your subscribers will be more willing to open and read your emails all the way through. And even on the longer ones.

Keep the flow mixed and interesting, it helps your subscribers stay engaged.

These tips should help you get more results from your email activities.

Implement them as much as you can, and build on your success as you go along.

Understand that things won’t happen in a day. But if you stay consistent and focused, you’ll start seeing results faster than you may think!

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  • June 4, 2017
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