How To Write Emails That Sell – Part 1

Today, let’s talk about writing emails that SELL.

I know... most people hate the idea of “selling”, especially when it comes to emails.

But set aside any preoccupations you may have and let’s focus on the positive aspects.

Because selling with emails is not only incredibly powerful, it’s also extremely cost-effective and best of all, profitable.

After all, isn’t that the prevailing motto in online marketing..

“The money is in the list”?

Here’s the deal…


If you’re delivering value to your subscribers, then selling with your emails will just be a net result of those efforts.

Your subscribers will be more than happy to buy from you, because you will have already given value to them, really!

I’m going to assume that you have at least one list going, and that you’re focusing on giving value to your subscribers.

There are so many ways that you can deliver value with your emails that will take a whole other installment.

So let’s focus on SELLING!

Understand that that email marketing is an art. It’s constantly evolving. The key to staying successful is making sure that your strategies evolve right along.

Let’s cover some key tips to help you become a selling machine…

1. Build a swipe file.

In the copywriting world, “swipes” are pieces of existing and/or previouslywritten copy that a copywriter uses as a basis for a new piece of sales copy.

Simply put, email swipes are gold. Once you have a few pieces of emails that prove to be winners, you can simply reuse their framework again and again on future mails. So if you see a mail that you like, save it!

In fact, you can keep swipes for entire mail series and/or sales funnels. Then simply custom-tailor them to fit your future campaigns

2. It’s ok to start with a small list!

Most people think that they can’t start working a list until they’ve gotten 2,000+ subscribers on them. WRONG.

As long you have a list that engages and opens your mails, you’re off to a good start. Quality trumps quantity.

3. Don’t let unsubscribes bug you!

People who unsubscribe are just telling you that they’re not interested. That means that the vast majority of subscribers who stay on your list are, so focus on that.

4. Don’t be timid or shy in your mails!

The biggest mistake that marketers make is when they’re too “soft-sellish” or wishy-washy on their emails.

If you’re offering products that present real value, then don’t be meek. Enthusiasm and passion are huge drivers when it comes to people taking action!

There’s more to cover. The rest of the tips are in part 2 – so look out for it!

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  • June 1, 2017
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