How To Make Money With Video Product Reviews!

What if I told you that you can build a sweet revenue stream by simply reviewing products with your minicam or smartphone?

People are doing it every day!

You can review literally ANY product, from books, info-products, fashions, cosmetics to sporting goods and electronics!

Video reviews work great because they help consumers make better informed decisions before buying, and give you an opportunity to profit!.

Thanks to Amazon, Clickbank, and other affiliate programs, you can make anywhere from 5-75% in commissions, just for reviewing and talking about their products, which always keep coming!

It just takes three simple steps:


1. Find a product

2. Create a video,

3. Post to YouTube

Let’s cover each step:

1. Find a product

Start by focusing on a single niche, and try to focus on something that you are passionate or interested in. Finding a good niche that you enjoy is half the battle!

Then, browse all the applicable selling sites and marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, CJ) for good products to review.

For digital products, check out: JVZoo, Clickbank, Clicksure, WarriorPlus and Muncheye for products and upcoming launches that fit your niche and sell well.

You can approach vendors for a review copy, especially if it’s pre-launch. But if it’s a good-selling product, don’t expect to get it for free.

2. Create the video

Once you’ve chosen a product, review it carefully while shooting video footage with your cam or smartphone.

Use the product yourself, listing down pros and cons.

You obviously want to focus on pros, but throw in some cons to show you’re being honest and upfront.

If possible, make a script of your live presentation and organize how you will present the review.

With physical products, you’ll want to shoot good, clean footage of them from all angles and with good lighting.

Don’t skimp on video quality.

Get the right lights, a tripod and editing software to do it right!

For digital or info-products, do a good walk-through using ScreenCast or

Camtasia while discussing the product’s pros and cons. Edit your footage per your script using a free editor like Windows Movie Maker or CamStudio.

Once you get some good revenue coming in, you may want to invest in a more professional editing suite, if you think you’ll need it.

3. Post the video to YouTube!

Once shooting and editing is complete, you can now share your video with the world.

Include solid information and detail in the description, along with your affiliate link to purchase the product.

Consider cloaking the affiliate link via your website using a plugin like PrettyLink Lite.

When someone views your video and decides to buy, they’ll most likely click on your affiliate link to do so. When that happens, you get paid!

Be sure to optimize your video for maximum search-ability on YouTube and Google. A good way to do that is to format your video’s title:


This is how most people search Google for reviews. Also, optimize with keywords and relevant tags!

If you get some solid backlinks posted around the net pointing to your video, it will help your video gain some quick ranking. Don’t overdo it!

After you’ve done your first video, just rinse and repeat the process!

Told you it was easy! 🙂

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  • March 17, 2017
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