What does PLR Mean & Why is it Better than MMR or RR?

If you have any interest in earning an income on the internet, your hard drive will be cluttered with ebooks, reports, articles, etc., which will have PLR, MMR or RR associated with them. But do you really know what these mean?

Lets look at each one in turn.

RR stands for Resale Rights. This means that you have the right to sell the product, as is, for a profit to the end user. You do not have the right to change the product, and you cannot pass on any rights with the product.

MRR stands for Master Resale Rights, which not only allows you to sell the product, as is, you can pass on the Resale Rights (RR) to the product as well. You still do not have the right to alter the product.

Private Label Rights (PLR) on the other hand, allow you to change, personalise, or otherwise alter the product to make it into your own, including putting your own name on it as the writer/originator.

When purchasing a product, check to see which type of Rights are included. The best are PLR, because you can use the content in any way you wish.

With any PLR work it is always advisable to do some reworking of the original, to turn it into your own. There will always be some people who will just use it as is. By not changing it in some form, you run the risk of using duplicate content, which search engines do not like. Re-write in your own words, add in or update a fact or two, and it becomes original work, worthy of putting your name to, and search engines will love it.

Other changes you could make include putting a footer on every page linking to your website, thus gaining exposure and potential new customers.

Replace any affiliate links with your own. A good way to make a little extra money.

You can even change format. For example create an ebook out of articles, breakdown an ebook into articles, or create an audio product out of an ebook. The uses and changes you can make are numerous.

One way to find good places to purchase PLR content, is to do a search on Google using the words "private label rights content".

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