Blogging is becoming more and more popular. While blogging used to be the domain of computer geeks and techno-nerds, it has now gone into mainstream. Not only this, but niche blogging can be quite profitable and enjoyable as well.

Link building can provide a way for you to get more traffic and also increase your search engine optimization, for your site.

Here are seven link building don’ts for the wannabe blogger.

1. Don’t waste your time and energy in building backlinks for a site, that is nothing but spam. Unless you’re providing quality content with your blog, all of the backlinks in the world won’t matter. Eventually, Google will devalue your site and will make it plummet to the very bottom of the search engine results.

Take your time and develop a high quality content site before you start building backlinks.

2. Do not link your site to link farms. Google will severely punish you and your site for this. Google does not have a very high view of link farms.

3. Don’t get backlinks from sites that are brand-new, or sites that are junk. Make sure that you get links from sites that are considered to be authority sites. Links from older sites are better than links from new sites. If possible, always try to get backlinks from websites that are at least a year old. Older sites have more authority – as long as they have good quality content.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a link from a blog owner. The best thing that could actually happen would be that you get a link. The worst that could happen is that you get a really rude rejection.

5. Don’t submit links to your site to junk link directories. Submit your site links to good will quality directories – even if that means having to pay a fee.

6. Don’t skimp on the amount of time that you devote to getting backlinks. This is not something that would happen overnight! Besides, you also need to be consistent. A few hours spent every week working on your backlinks is a much better use of your time than a 24-hour marathon of backlinks session every six months.

7. Don’t build backlinks for the sole purpose of gaining PageRank. PR is specific to Google and does not affect your search engine results.

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