Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook…

greatlife Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook…

Legendary entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, recently wrote a very effective strategy to adapt to your online business.

The strategy ironically, is the title of his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

What does the title mean for us?

Well, basically the Right Hook is the knockout punch. It’s the thing that makes money. It’s the thing that converts leads to sales.

Most people run their business online with just throwing the knockout punches.

They’re aiming for the one big knockout punch, every time.

You see this happen, when right from the very beginning, a person or business tries to sell to you.

It’s all buy, buy, buy now!!

But nothing else.

You can “tell” that they don’t really care about you one bit. You’re just a dollar bill to them.

Just like a real fight, it’s not just all about the knockout punch. It’s really about all of the little “”strategic”” punches leading up to that one big punch that seals the deal.

It’s all about the jabs.

Jabs mean adding value to your customers.

It’s building relationships with them, sometimes one on one. A jab is engaging with your audience.

It’s about heartfelt service!!

And, it means you can’t be so greedy and be just about the sale.

You think about people first, you add tremendous value to their lives, and then, “if” it’s a fit, you make the sale.

Most often, if you do it right at this point, the sale will come NATURALLY.

No closing “skills” required.

As you run your online business, remember the title of the book, as it can serve you well.

3 jabs, one right hook.

Value, value, value, then ask for the sale…

Do this, at a MINIMUM, and you’ll fair well.

And if you want to fair VERY WELL, then check out this powerful presentation right now:

warchmenow400 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook…

This system give you very high profit margins, which will in return allow you help others, help yourself, and have an incredible life.


YouTube was born in 2005 and in less than 10 years it has become the number two search engine next to Google and it gets billions of hits every day. If you own a business, whether it is online or offline, you should be using YouTube to get ahead. However, in order to do that you need to know the most effective ways to use YouTube Traffic.

Why is YouTube so Popular?

Every minute of the day, there are people either loading videos onto YouTube, or watching videos on YouTube from all over the world. This once small video viewing site has helped thousands of business owners hit the jackpot in making sky high profits, and gaining more customers.

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10 Steps to Setting up Your List

Starting an email list isn’t as difficult as you think. It’s just a matter of following these ten simple steps.

Step OneDefine your purpose and long-term strategy. Once you have a list of subscribers, what will you do with it?

Step Two Define your target market. Who can use what you’re offering? Who would be helped by your products or services? This will determine how you drive traffic to your list and how you market to your subscribers.

listbuild200 10 Steps to Setting up Your List
Step ThreeCreate or purchase rights for the free gift that’s going to entice people to join your list. Typically, marketers give away a free gift for signing up for their list.

Most people are wary of giving out their name and email address, so a free gift sweetens the deal. It’s most common to use a free report or other informational product, but you can set yourself apart by offering something different.

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10 Reasons You Need an Email List

An email list is a list of subscribers who have ‘opted-in’ to receive emails from you. They’ve signed up because they’re interested in the content and offers you can give them.

SN 150 10 Reasons You Need an Email List
This is a great way for marketers and businesses to reach their audience. Every kind of business can benefit from keeping a list, and here are ten reasons you need to start one right away.

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Using Videos to Help Grow Your Optin List

Having a sizeable optin list is a no-brainer for online marketers. A big list means more chances to build relationships and make sales, pure and simple. But many Internet marketers rely on a simple optin form on their website to do the job, when they could hook many more addresses with the addition of video.

SN 150 Using Videos to Help Grow Your Optin List There are many advantages to using video to grow your list. Potential customers can see the real authentic you. They are able to connect with you and see your passion.

Also, video gives a 3D element to an otherwise flat sales page or website. It’s the closest you can get to talking person-to-person without actually doing that.

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How To Generate Traffic Using YouTube

Are you still stuck on an old idea that you can only get visitors to your website, by spending a significant chunk of your financial investment on a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign?

If you are, then this is the best time to expand your online marketing reality. Generating free traffic for a website is not that challenging nowadays.

As more consumers are joining the social media network, the marketing buzz created by popular social media sites, can reach millions of potential visitors across the globe.

125x125  How To Generate Traffic Using YouTube
Here are some ideas on how to generate traffic using YouTube to start you off on the right track:

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125x125 What Are One Time Offers and How Do They Work?

A one-time offer is an excellent way to qualify prospects early on in your sales funnel. It’s most commonly an offer that you make to prospects as soon as they’ve shown interest in you, by opting in to your email list.

It’s often a deeply discounted product or even another freebie.

What makes it a ‘one-time’ offer is that it’s only available for them right at that moment. As soon as prospects click away, the offer expires. One-time offers are also called OTOs.
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Do you think you know what a membership site really is?

Here’s all a membership site is…a place where people can login using a username and password to get to their stuff.

membership cube200 Whats a Membership Site? (not always recurring)
Membership sites DON’T have to be this thing where people pay you month after month to get access!

See here:

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Your squeeze page is absolutely critical, because it is the entryway to your sales funnel. In fact, it works something like a sales funnel in itself – it draws the attention of your visitors with a good headline that identifies a problem, leads the visitor down the page with its compelling copy, and then calls them to action, by giving them the sign-up form for future communication.

Selling Your Freebie

What many marketers don’t understand is that in order to sell your free offer, you still have to advertise and promote it. It’s natural to assume that everybody jumps all over an offer of free stuff, but it doesn’t often work that way.

First of all, there is already a great deal of free content out there. Why would customers want yours over someone else’s? But even more importantly, they ‘pay’ for that offer with their name and email address. People do not easily give out their private information any longer.

SN 250 The Entrance to Your Sales Funnel – The Squeeze Page

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What Are the Best Types of Opt-in Offers?

The opt-in offer is the entry-point of your sales funnel.
This is a free product or service that entices the visitors
to your site to sign up for your mailing list.

Most people are reluctant to give away their name and email
address for nothing more than the promise of quality
content. Your opt-in offer is an incentive for doing so.

When considering what type of product to offer as an opt-in
incentive, you have several options.

EBooks and Reports

EBooks and reports are some of the easiest products for you
to create. An eBook is a PDF that can be viewed on any
computer. A report is a short eBook that can be as few as
seven to ten pages, as long as it helps the reader solve a
specific problem.

Aside from reports and eBooks, your PDF could be a resource
guide, a mind map, a detailed info-graphic, or some other
format that organizes information and/or makes it easier for
people to digest.

Sample%20Email%20Sales%20Funnel%20Flowchart400 What Are the Best Types of Opt in Offers?

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